Regulatory authority

State of compliance

 In the reporting period, effective operation and functional independence of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) has been blocked by the lack of a decision-making quorum after the expiration of mandates of three Board members in December 2020. This situation was only overcome in August 2021 by the appointment of a new Chairman and two new Board members. Before loss of the decision-making quorum, the regulator proved its commitment to transpose new acquis by including the electricity Network Codes in the national regulatory rules, implementing the REMIT Regulation and adopting rules for NEMO designation. It approved the cross-border capacity allocation rules, which are applied by the transmission system operator as of December 2020. On the other hand, ERO has delayed retail market opening several times since 2018 for customers connected to 35 kV and 10 kV. The regulator has been active in promoting self-consumption of customers by issuing licenses for installation of solar panels.