Ukraine Public Sector Energy Efficiency Framework

Energy efficiency

Beneficiary Country:

  • Ukraine Ukraine

Donation passport

Starting Year: 2017
Ending Year: 2020
Budget: 100 mil. EUR
Type of Donation: Investment grants
Status: Closed

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Short description of the overall project

Establishing a EUR 100 million Ukraine Public Sector Energy Efficiency Framework providing loans to municipal energy management companies in Ukraine to finance energy saving improvements in public buildings and street lighting infrastructure. Each loan will be guaranteed by the respective municipality.


Short description of activities financed by the donation

The project is planned to be implemented via sub-projects. For each project under the Framework, the proposed investment will enable the municipalities to finance energy efficiency measures in public buildings and street lighting through energy performance contracts (EnPC) implemented by private construction, engineering or energy service companies (ESCOs) selected by competitive tender. The investments are expected to significantly improve energy efficiency in public buildings and thereby lead to energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions as well as improved comfort levels at kindergartens, schools and hospitals included into sub-projects under the framework.